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Ulster County Equitable Distribution Lawyers

Just Because You're Divorcing, It Doesn't Mean You Should Lose Everything

In the eyes of the law, a husband and wife are in an economic partnership. When that partnership dissolves, their marital property must be divided. New York is an equitable distribution state. Equitable is not the same as equal. Many factors are taken into account when determining equitable distribution of property in divorce, including:

  • Age of both parties
  • Economic status
  • Whether one party supported the other while getting an education to improve his or her job prospects
  • Whether one party gave up a career to raise children and how that will affect his or her ability to go back to work
  • The value of a business, a practice license or a degree in terms of future earning potential
  • Which party will have custody of any children from the marriage

The judge will look at all of the factors involved and determine how the property should be distributed between the two people involved.

There are two types of property the judge will look at. The first is marital property. This is anything that was acquired during the marriage: cars, homes, IRAs, 401(k)s, etc. The other is separate property. These are things you brought into the marriage with you. Gifts and inheritances to one person or the other are also considered separate property unless they were commingled with marital property.

Protecting your rights to your own property and to what you contributed to your marriage is what we do. As Ulster County equitable distribution attorneys, we work with valuation consultants to determine what each party is actually entitled to. We look at all of the assets, where they came from and what they are worth to make sure you get a fair and equitable divorce settlement.

Call us at 800-532-9985 or e-mail us to learn more about how we discover what you're worth and what you should be getting from your divorce.

Kingston Asset Distribution Attorney

When you come to us to discuss your case, we will do a thorough asset analysis for you and for your spouse. We will make sure that you are fully represented in terms of what you have given to the marriage and what you should receive from it.

Our job as lawyers is to protect your rights in a divorce case, especially your rights to your own property and your fair share of the marital property. It is important that you are able to continue forward with your life and not become impoverished because of your divorce.

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