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Ulster County Asset Valuation Lawyers

Working With the Intangible Parts of Life to Secure Your Future After Divorce

New York State considers a business, professional license or academic degree attained during the marriage as marital property. Because of that, property division becomes much more complex when dealing with couples where one or both are business owners, one or both have professional licenses, or one or both have academic degrees that affect their earning potential.

We work extensively with valuation experts to discover the earning potential of a particular business, professional or person with a degree and understand how this will affect the overall asset division as well as the impact it will have on your financial future.

We work with you to examine every minute detail of these valuations to get the fairest and most equitable settlement from your divorce.

Contact the Ulster County asset valuation attorneys to get a better understanding of how having a business, license or degree will affect the outcome of your divorce.

Kingston Property Division Attorneys

If one spouse has helped the other build a business or put the other through school, these efforts should be factored into the final agreement between divorcing couples. Businesses, licenses and degrees all present opportunities for increased income. If you can show that you contributed to your spouse's ability to increase his or her income, you should benefit from that increased opportunity.

We will show you why and how this issue is handled by the New York courts. We will fight for your rights to a secure financial future. Alternatively, if you feel that your spouse is not entitled to any part of the profitability of your business, degree or license, we will investigate your finances fully and find the necessary proof to show that there was no direct involvement from your spouse in your ability to improve your circumstances.

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